Are you a heretic?

You can’t keep a river from flowing.

Build a dam, and you will flood the land.

Build a canal and you will control the river.

For now.

Once and a while the river will leave the way you’ve designed for it.

Don’t try to force it back in.

Look at where it flows.

Look at why it flows that way.

Build a canal adjusted to the current.

Move on.

And start all over again.

Humans are bound to move.

Change is about finding abandoning old pathways.

Change is about crossing the field.

Simply because you’re curious.

Simply because that’s the only way to get there.

Simply because on the pathway, nobody’s moving anymore.

It does get you somewhere, but it doesn’t get you there.

Change is a way to get back in touch with the flow.

Change is a way to move. Change is a way to make paths.

Not  to discover the ultimate pathway.

There’s always a better pathway.

And even the most suitable pathway is temporary.

Heretics might know this.

Heretics sense this.

Do you?

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