making the obvious happen is harder than you think

It’s easy to mock or say the obvious. It’s much harder to make it happen.

Why am I saying this?

I’m currently working on the “beliefs”-statement of our agency so I’m slightly more interested in the “beliefs” of other agencies than I used to be.

When a colleague pointed out the site of this agency I went straight to the beliefs-section.

This is what I’ve found:

The skeptic in me (who is basically a bizarre cocktail of other people telling me what is supposed to be right and wrong) wanted to mock the pamphlet as “obvious” and “empty”. As if I could easily put this to the ground by simply saying “Yeah, right” or asking “Meaning?”.

But then again, the skeptic in me no longer rules the place.

Stating this is as much an act of foolishness as it is an act of bravery and humanity. Stating these things matter to you is saying as much as:

“These things matter a lot to us and and we believe they matter a lot to a lot of people. We believe these are basic human values. They should be cherished, challenged and most of all, they should be put into practice. On a daily basis. We commit ourselves to practicing what we preach. Now you can take our word for it.”

Our society is spammed with words these days. There are so many statements you hardly have the time or the means to take any one on their word. We think. But should that make statements like the one above ridiculous and worthless?

Actions speak louder than words, you say. I agree.

But only a great listener can be inspired by great words to commit himself to great action. It’s easy to criticize the way things are said, it’s easy to comment on the form ideas and insights enter your world. But it’s much harder listening to them and finding out what they really mean and how they really make a difference in this world. Doesn’t it?


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