An idea takes 25 years to mature

I just came of the phone with my dad. Wise guy. Knows a lot because he has read a lot and done a lot of different things. Unfortunatly we often fail to understand each other. At times it was like we were speaking different languages. Or, it was like we had our ears everywhere but on the sides of our heads.

But now I’ve discovered we have a mutual interest in behavioral economics. His approach? Science and process management. Mine? Communication, advertising and (creativity) coaching. I can’t wait to work on something solid, a lecture, a paper, a book perhaps. We’ll see.

Anyway, halfway the conversation he says: “One thing I’ve learned from all my readings lately is that technological innovations change minds and societies instantly, while it takes 25 years for an idea to mature, to change our minds.”

It puzzled me and I want to give it some more thoughts before I comment on it. But what’s your opinion?

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