500. and counting. thank you guys

This blog got 500 views. Thanks to you. I love it and appreciate it.

I’ll keep on writing. I’ll keep on sharing insights.

But most of all, I’d like to keep you coming over here to get to the 1,000.

Since there’s always room for improvement: please let me know what you’d loved the most about this blog. What was your favorite post? Why did you love it? What post did you hate? And why was that?

Go ahead, tell me. You’ll see, before we’ll get to the 1,000, you’ll already know it was worth your time. Because if blogging taught me one thing, it’s that it’s not just about talking but about listening as well.

So here you go. The floor is all yours



2 thoughts on “500. and counting. thank you guys

  1. hannes says:

    Hi Alex,

    thanks man! lay-out’s not mine. all credits to http://www.pearsonified.com/ (Chris Pearson).

    i’ll keep on with the keep-on. great to have you guys and ladies reading here.


  2. alex says:

    I love the topics, love the vibe, love the Ledeberg reference, love the lay-out, keep on with the keep-on, there’s fans out here, yes! 🙂

    You deserve more comments though, people, where you at?!

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