No pitching while putting on hold

“We’ll put you on hold.”

Frankly, I don’t like these words, but since my mother taught me to be patient I’m willing to understand I have to wait once and a while.

What really bothers me is that some companies try to use the time they put you on hold to make sales pitches.

If you are such a company, I have one advice: don’t. Stop making these unwanted sales pitches. They are harming you.

Why? If people call you to get serviced, service them and do it properly. That, without any doubt, is the best sales pitch you can ever make.

If you put people on hold you are denying them your service. They are not getting what they are paying you for.

On top of that, the costs are adding up to their phone bill. So actually, they are paying the operator to allow you to make unwanted sales pitches for free while you are not giving your clients what they pay you for.

Not a great way to get or to keep a client aboard.

So quit making sales pitches while putting clients on hold. It’s rude and it shows a lack of respect.

Instead, put your money where your mouth is and invest more in your customer service department.

You will make the sale more often. I promise.

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