Clients who say thank you

Just came back from a meeting with a client. We met to discus the previous project. Get some feedback. Listen and learn, that kind of thing.

There was definitely room for improvement so our client’s criticism was justified. But then it happened. “I know we are talking a lot about what could have been better. But let me make one thing clear, we are very happy with what you’ve made for us and we’re glad we came to you.”

How many times do we only focus on what’s wrong? How many times do we only criticise and forget to appreciate and emphasis what went well?

A client who understands the power of a compliment is a wise investor. Getting the compliment made us very happy. We were proud.

Next time we work for this organisation we will work hard to do better than we did before. That’s for sure. On top of that the little bit of defensiveness went away and it suddenly became easier to listen to and handle the criticism.

I love compliments when they are sincere. I love the people who know how important they are.


One thought on “Clients who say thank you

  1. Nice! I can imagine the warm feeling… appreciation is a sort of satori

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